Blood Pressure Cuff

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SKUProduct NameMaterialColorSize
FBN-1Blood Pressure CuffPolyesterGrey58*13.5cm
FBN-2Blood Pressure CuffNylonGrey11.5*40.5cm
FBN-3Blood Pressure CuffPolyesterGrey50*14cm
FBN-4Blood Pressure CuffPolyesterGrey14.5*48cm
FBN-5Blood Pressure CuffPolyesterGrey48*14cm
FBN-6Blood Pressure CuffNylonGrey22.5*4.5
FBN-7Blood Pressure CuffPolyesterBlack14*50cm
FBN-8Blood Pressure CuffPolyesterGrey14.5*47cm
FBN-9Blood Pressure CuffPolyesterGrey60*14.5
FBN-10Blood Pressure CuffPolyesterBlack60*14.5


1. Can I customize the design and have my logo printed on my product?

Yes, we manufacture according to our customers’ specific instructions and designs. You can basically define everything including the material, shape, size, color, features and logo etc., of the bag and we can manufacture the product based on your need.​

2. Can I get a sample before placing the order?

Yes, we can send a sample for you to confirm the detail.

3. What is your minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

As our production lines are designed for mass production, to achieve production efficiency and to be cost effective, we have set a MOQ, which is 1,000 pcs per style.Based on our experience, at this quantity, we can offer the most competitive prices to our customers, and this would also avoid many material surcharges which would drive the overall cost up.